Not Your Ordinary Gift Shop

Flower City Gift Shop founders, Tommy and Becky Zhang, started their entrepreneurial journey by selling fresh produce on the vibrant Canal Street in NYC after immigrating from China in 1987. In 1994, their adventurous spirits led them to Cleveland, Ohio, where they discovered the growing Asia Town community and opened Flower City Gift Shop.

Zhang’s son, Danny, transformed Flower City into a modern, boutique version of an Asian gift shop in its current iteration. Deeply influenced by the Chinese gift shops on Canal Street in Manhattan and his roots in the underground punk, hip-hop, techno, and skateboarding culture, the store doubles as a showcase for a purposefully curated collection of artistic and unique finds.

If you are looking for something to wear or accessorize with, check out our handmade jewelry and accessories or our evolving line of Flower City clothing designed by local artists. For your home, money cats sourced from an artist in Detroit, American-made glassware, a curated vinyl collection, exquisite Japanese incense, and one-of-a-kind teapots, you will find unusual items that are sure to spark pleasure. At Flower City Gift Shop, we pride ourselves on offering items that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Flower City provides a unique retail environment with bumping music and conversation. FCGS insists on the highest standards for excellence. We invite you to come to hang out.

D. Chang